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A Health Plan Right for You

Health Insurance is a must-have for many Americans. Although it is no longer legally required as of 2019, it is still a smart idea to be protected. Health Insurance coverage may not be as expensive as you think. Luckily, many people qualify for a government subsidy. 

Health Insurance HMOs


An HMO is a closed network of physicians. HMOs are a less expensive option, but if you opt to see a doctor outside of an HMO network, you pay the entire cost of the service or visit.

Health Insurance PPo's


PPO plans offer more flexibility when choosing doctors and hospitals, but premiums tend to be higher. There is usually a deductible that needs to be met before services are covered.

Health Insurance Subsidized Insurance

Subsidized Insurance

Many people qualify for government-subsidized Health Insurance. If you’re disabled, you’re likely covered by Medicare. Options for subsidized health plans differ from state to state.

Understanding Health Insurance

No one plans to get sick or hurt, but everyone needs medical care services like doctor visits, prescription drugs, lab tests, physical therapy, etc. Without Health Insurance, these services can be expensive.

Plus, if you do require more extensive medical attention, such as surgery or emergency services, having coverage can save you from a huge financial burden. 

What Types of Health Insurance Policies Are There?

When Is Open Enrollment for Health Insurance Coverage?

Open enrollment for Health Insurance coverage often begins November 1 and ends December 15. Your new Health Insurance policy should become active on January 1. You have until January 31 to enroll or change a Health Insurance plan.

However, you can continue to buy coverage after that time. Purchase coverage at any time through Lighthouse Insurance Group. Call (855) 242-0044 to speak with our trusted partner, Lighthouse Insurance Group, to learn more about your options.

Visit for deadline updates as open-enrollment season approaches.

Call (855) 242-0044 to speak with our trusted partner, Lighthouse Insurance Group, to learn more about your options.

Additional Insurance Coverages

For over 50 years, customers have been trusting AIS to find them quality coverage at the best price. Why should that stop at Auto or Homeowners Insurance? We can help you find the same the peace of mind with your Health and Life Insurance policies. 

Let AIS compare rates from trusted carriers for your important assets, too. Finding multiple ways to save money on your insurance premiums is what we do best. Plus, we'll see if you qualify for a discount when you bundle your car, home and more.

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